Attending an International Conference on Men’s Issues is the best investment a man can make in this male-hostile world to improve his mental health

A promotional video (17:16) was published on 22 October 2023, featuring Mike Buchanan (conference host and co-MC), Paul Elam (co-MC) and Janice Fiamengo (keynote speaker).

This conference is being held 10 years after the first in the series in 2014, held near Detroit and hosted by Paul Elam, the founder of A Voice for Men and An Ear for Men.

We have an outstanding selection of speakers and a Guest of Honour, Matt Goodwin, a British professor of politics. As well as the talks, attendees can also be sure of enjoying the socialising which is such an important ingredient in making these conferences the successes they always are. It has been said that attending an ICMI is the best investment a man can make in this male-hostile world to improve his mental health.

We strongly urge you to order your ticket(s) no later than 12 April, 2024. We need to be confident we’ll sell enough tickets to make the conference financially viable. We urge people to order tickets as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment if and when tickets sell out (as they have for almost all ICMIs),

The decision to proceed (or not) with the conference will be taken no later than 26 April, and revealed in a new blog piece on this website. Ticket buyers and other attendees will be informed by email. If the conference is cancelled, ticket buyers will receive a full refund.

It is important that you don’t make financial commitments to travel or accommodation before we’ve confirmed the conference will go ahead.

Please send any queries to Mike Buchanan (

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