Previous conferences (2014-23)

International Conferences on Men’s Issues (ICMIs) have been the premier events of the global men’s rights movement since the first was held near Detroit in 2014, hosted by Paul Elam, the creator of A Voice for Men in 2010. No other events compare with the ICMIs in terms of either size or content.

Previous conference websites and related video playlists:

2014, Detroit – playlist

2016, Londonplaylist

2017, Gold Coast, Australia – playlist

2018, Londonplaylist

2019, Chicagoplaylist

2020, onlineplaylist

2021, onlineplaylist

2023, Pune, India – playlist

Robert Brockway, an Australian, will host an ICMI in Sydney in 2025.

In 2026 an ICMI will take place in North America.