When you order a ticket (£260.00), you will be indicating that you have accepted the Booking Terms (below). Please read the terms carefully before placing your order. 

IMPORTANT: Please do not make financial commitments for travel or accommodation before you become aware that the conference is definitely proceeding. Ticket holders will learn whether or not it’s proceeding via an email by 26 April, latest.

Assuming the decision is taken that the conference will proceed, tickets will remain on sale until 3 August. No tickets will be sold at the conference venue.

If you don’t have a UK bank account, we recommend you pay for your ticket(s) through the following PayPal button:

If you have a UK bank account, we’d prefer that you pay for your ticket(s) by direct bank transfer, so we won’t then have to pay PayPal commissions of around £10.00 per ticket. If you’re unable to do this, then you can pay through PayPal.

Details for direct bank transfers are below. Please email us ( to let us know you’ve bought your ticket(s).

Lloyds Bank account, MRA International Ltd.

Sort code: 30-99-50

Account #: 50319660

IBAN: GB92LOYD 3099 5050 3196 60


Email Mike Buchanan ( if you have queries on ordering tickets, or any other conference-related matters.

Acceptance of applications for tickets will be at the sole discretion of the organizers. This includes media applications. A number of complimentary tickets are available for media applicants.